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It doesn't matter if you've been using Social Media for years, or are a beginner. Here you will find some lessons that I learned navigating through Social Media, plus some entertaining links I've come across.


Social Media is big in almost any business you are in today, but how do you measure what you’re doing online and how do you do it in a cost effective manner? On top of that how do you relate what you’re doing in the social media space to what is happening online and/or your bricks and mortar business.

This is a great list of 54 free social media monitoring tools to keep an eye on what’s happening to your content online. Click here or the title for the full list.

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Tweetdeck (Social Media aggrigator) Updates with new tools.

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(originally published December 2010)

the big three are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The first two are more socially geared, the latter is more business geared.

I’ll start with a brief breakdown of Twitter. I know that the goal of some when it comes to Twitter is to have the most followers possible – kind of like the one with the most toys wins, but here it’s the one withthe most followers who can be the most annoying. If you starting a business, looking to network with some new people and have the tolerance of having complete and total idiots follow you then Twitter is for you – there is a way to ‘limit the noise’ when it comes to Twitter and I will get into that in a bit.

Basically Twitter is like a big conglomeration of friends, family, disfunctional aunts and uncles and people who are always trying to sell something.

Unless you know what your doing and you can filter your account I would stick with a service that is easier to work with….Facebook is the answer for many.

Facebook – the controllable Twitter and MUCH more!

Facebook is a great service for everyone from the novice internet user to folks like Donald Trump…and it’s easy to use and navigate – not to mention it’s all on one screen and it’s the only interface you will need. One of the biggest differences is security. Facebook allows you to in control – you can ‘friend’ people you know and IGNORE those people you don’t want to follow. If you do ‘friend’ them and you findthem too annoying you can unfriend them or just block them from your feed – that wayyou don’t see their annoyances as your looking at what people are up to.

Facebook also has a lot of interaction and software that is implemented within it’sconfines. Everything from games like Mafia Wars, Family Feud, and Cityville to promote your business, even finding a new job. Speaking of jobs….
Finally there is LinkedIn – it’s the Facebook for Business – post your resume andthe rest is similar to Facebook – you can get recomendations from former employers, meet new friends who work in the same industry, even join a ‘community’where you can discuss that industry or ask questions of an industry professional.

All three of these sites have similar uses. I recommend using Facebook and LinkedIn to start -

I will give a better breakdown on these sites later, but for now this is whaty ou will find here on Social Media Unfriendly blog. I’ll even include cool posts and articles from other sites that I find entertaining.

Feel free to post your comments below or share the page with the tool on the left - it shows the sites (Facebook/Twitter) you are logged into and it allows you to automatically ‘Share’ this post. (I’ll get into those ‘sharing’ tools here too!) :)

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Taking Off The Bubble Wrap.

I have decided to begin again with Social Media Unfriendly. This time with a tumblr log(blog). It’s easy to share content across multiple channels and sharing is what this blog is about. It’s about discovery, learning new things, and finding new places (all in Social Media) - so if your a newbie, or a veteran there should be something here for you to discover.

I’ll start with some audio, since that is what I do. I’ve worked in radio for 16 years now. This page is an outward extension of ‘my’ social media experiences - We’ll talk about everything from the big three (Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In), to your grandmothers brownie recipe on

It’s time to get started and take off the bubble wrap. Here’s to the journey and thanks for joining along.